The Importance of Local Business

Small town home improvement contractors and retailers

So many of our local institutions are being out-maneuvered by the big, national, internet conglomerates that many U.S. cities have lost their sense of community.  From small mom-and-pop variety stores to grocers and home improvement contractors, there are fewer and fewer local businesses to patronize.

This is a death knell for the thousands of small towns that dot the landscape throughout the country.  The local businesses bring jobs and services to places that aren’t as important as the big cities to national franchises.   “There are not enough businesses to sustain most small towns and the ones that are left cannot survive on the population that remains in most small cities across this country,” said Lionel Benton a local electrician in rural Massachusetts.

Mr. Benton is luckier than most businesses in his small community because he has a business that goes to customer’s places of business or their residences.  Small shops, such as lamp stores, cannot compete with free delivery and tens of thousands of lamps in stock for delivery in 24 hours or less.


Couple the migration from small towns to cities and you have a situation where it is very difficult to start a local business of any kind, as covered in the above video.

It seems to be a generational problem. Younger millennials want to be where the action is and that is the big city. The city is where all the people and jobs are. So until the fashion is to move to smaller hamlets dotting our nation, this problem should continue to compound.

Local small businesses help build this nation and are the lifeblood of rural America. If governments can provide tax incentives to lure multinational companies to their jurisdictions, then there might also be a fiscal answer to the outmigration of small businesses from small towns in every state. Food for thought.