Private Personal Travel

Friends who have flown by company plane remark about how easy it is compared with commercial airline travel these days. There are no long security lines, you don’t have to limit yourself to 3 ounces of liquids in a one quart ziploc type bag, and you don’t have to remove your shoes. Even people that have Prepass on their boarding tickets remark that they still have to wait in very long lines at the airport. You can’t even count on getting through the prepass line in a reasonable length of time.
Which brings up the subject of the fractional jet ownership and personal plane management companies. There are a lot of folks who can make the leap from first class travel to flying privately…it is quite a leap in some cases financially. But imagine having a plane at your beck and call when you want to leave, not when it is convenient for the airlines to fit a flight where you want to go into your schedule. You can bring your mom, your dad, your dogs and cats and siblings as well as your immediate family all for the same price. No wonder businesses are grabbing up these hours so that not only can their people make it where they need to be, they can also hold meetings for four or forty depending on the plane that they have purchased hours on. There is no more downtime it seems when it comes to business travel. It certainly makes driving seem like it is a waste of time.
We know people that spend the winters in warm places and they just can’t take their dogs on commercial aircraft because they don’t want their dogs in the baggage area since they are too big to fit under the seat, or if they have more than two dogs. And you certainly don’t want to ship your dogs to Mexico or Florida like freight. So there are a lot of reasons to want to get to know more about private aircraft travel, the least of which is keeping the family together and the most of which is convenience and the opportunity to get something done while you are in the air.