Great reasons to SEO your site

Almost every day, we get solicitations for SEO services for our business.  I’m sure you are getting these as well.  And while the inclination is to hang up or throw away or delete the information, there are very good reasons why you should consider SEO for your business’ website.
First, because SEO works. If you want consistent, endless, free traffic that the search engines are giving away for nothing, then you need to have someone really good SEO your site. It is the work that keeps on giving year after year. By good, we mean someone that provides value and a good ROI for their work, not a cheap offshore supplier that will promise you the moon for a couple of hundred bucks a month. You will be disappointed and waste a lot of time and money with cheap providers.
Second, SEO is something that your competition is doing. Why would you let your competition lay claim to all that potential business and not put up a fight? More and more business is being transacted on the web or emanates from an online relationship that begins with a search. By letting your competition have all that traffic, you are giving them the keys to the free traffic kingdom.
Third, SEO isn’t going anywhere. As long as there are algorithms that decide how to rank company sites, there will be efforts made to gain the most traffic by ranking the highest. The search engines are refining their models all the time and a good SEO will keep your site moving up in rankings, and once there, keep the site at the top despite these changes. Hoping that something will change and you can keep your marketing dollars in your pocket won’t help, and it can certainly hurt your company’s chances of profiting in the future.