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The Importance of Local Business

Small town home improvement contractors and retailers

So many of our local institutions are being out-maneuvered by the big, national, internet conglomerates that many U.S. cities have lost their sense of community.  From small mom-and-pop variety stores to grocers and home improvement contractors, there are fewer and fewer local businesses to patronize. This is a death knell Continue Reading

Where’s the Money?

Perhaps you remember an old Wendy’s commercial where the senior Clara asked “where’s the beef?” referencing the fact that some fast food restaurants had very little meat in their hamburgers. I have a friend that does bariatric marketing and he says that his hardest job is to explain that there Continue Reading

Spray Foam Insulation Costs has just unveiled a new web page which explains in great detail how costs for spray foam insulation are calculated for your next home project. Check out the information that is contained on that page to learn:   The differences between open and closed cell foam insulation The different Continue Reading