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Did you know that you could be losing out on traffic and revenue for your business?  Everyone talks about being on page one of results, but what does being on page one translate to?

If a search has 500 searches per month, if you are on page 3 you might be getting 1 click.  Page 2, maybe a handful.  If you are on page one, you could be getting from 50 to 300 clicks per month.  What would that many more clicks mean in revenue to your business?

What it means to any business could be hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue a year…for some businesses…millions.  For your business…ask yourself what a new customer is worth.

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Spray Foam Insulation Costs has just unveiled a new web page which explains in great detail how costs for spray foam insulation are calculated for your next home project. Check out the information that is contained on that page to learn:


  • The differences between open and closed cell foam insulation
  • The different uses for each type of foam
  • The difficulty in applying each type of foam
  • The relative cost differences


Check out this Wikipedia article for more information on polyurethane foam:

Polyurethane foam