Property and casualty insurance software solutions from PCMS

If your company is looking for 24/7/365 application environment management for production, pre-production and testing, then check out the P&C Claim Administration System from PCMS’s Atlas. The Atlas system serves all lines of business in property and casualty insurance.

Highlights of the Atlas system for P&C claims administration include:

  • A reinsurance system which offers a comprehensive facility for managing reinsurance arrangements
  • Full functionality and accessibility¬†through SaaS services
  • The latest management reporting tools from Microsoft and SAP

For more information on Atlas’ P&C Claim Administration System¬†call PCMS at 214-580-5668.


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Standards of Excellence in Auto Repair

What does it take to keep an automobile in tip-top shape?  Just ask the experts in Irvine, CA at They have a list of necessary inspections and services that, when analyzed, identified and repaired properly, will keep your car running as if it was showroom new.

Starting with heating and air conditioning, technicians make sure that these systems function optimally and that you won’t be caught without air conditioning on a 100 degree day, or without heat on a 30 degree night. Checking your tires, brakes, and alignment will ensure not only your safety, but will make sure that you don’t experience excessive tire wear if your car is out of alignment. Engine Tune-ups are a great way to keep your Auto Repair in Irvine, CAengine running at peak performance and if necessary, they perform necessary engine repairs. Similarly, a transmission check up is in order to make sure that bigger problems aren’t just down the road. Routine services such as oil changes, radiator fluid check and brake fluid changes are routine for this auto repair shop. Preventive maintenance of your automobile’s systems will keep your car running at its optimal capabilities.

So often, people take their cars for granted until something goes wrong and then are at a loss to find someone that they trust that will take care of the problem in a professional manner. It is no surprise that Irvine Auto Repair at 16191 Construction Circle West in Irvine, CA has received such high marks from their customers because not only do they fix problems, but they advise their clients on how to avoid potential problems in the future. This saves their customers time and money and ensures that their cars run the way they should run, and not cause more problems than they are worth. Why not give them a try for your next car repair? You’ll be glad you did.

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